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The Experts d’Afrique INC. search for consultants and engineers to build up its database of consultants and engineers. Any expert – consultant or engineer working in one of the consortium’s areas of expertise and willing to work with them, can send their resume to or


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Ideologies and missions

Since the 60s, the time at which most of African Countries acquired the independence, they are facing enormous challenges at four levels :

  • Definition or re-definition of adequate institutional frameworks. Africa, in respect to other continents, is subject to a changing international environment and that global transformation requires at all times, a definition or re-definition of certain institutional parameters that would facilitate and accompany its development ;
  • Equipment and infrastructures achievements. In a development process, the wellness is the goal, a major development vision objective. However, the means to achieve that goal lie in both the construction of infrastructures and investment in equipment ;
  • Design of master plans and or development policies. The achievement of the purpose of the development process goes through the design of the road maps and or social, economic and financial policies. This will allow, as soon as possible, the achievement of anticipated results by minimizing the impact of external shocks ;
  • Consolidation / management of financial flows and resources to support the development process. Subjected to numerous tests, the international financial system is experiencing tremendous change and the African Countries suffer without much maneuvering the consequences of those changes because of their little impact in global economy. However, being at the edge of war, it is unthinkable to plan for development without adequate funding system that safeguards the investors (public and private). In this case, large-scale mobilization of financial flows and their good management are needed to ensure that African economies (public, para-public and private sectors), harmonious development processes, free on inflationary effects and services of stiff loans.

At all four levels of challenges mentioned above, there is extreme need of project management, technical support and capacity building for decision makers, civil society organizations and private operators. This support need that rushed into the creation of the consortium of EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE whose name finds its meaning at two levels :

  • Provide knowledgeable experts to the African Institutions and Organizations in terms of support and know-how skills ;
  • Allow technology and skills transfer among different African Countries by means of experts and engineers.

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