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The Experts d’Afrique INC. search for consultants and engineers to build up its database of consultants and engineers. Any expert – consultant or engineer working in one of the consortium’s areas of expertise and willing to work with them, can send their resume to or


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Organization and Operation

EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE LTD is headed by a Director General (DG) assisted by the Deputy Director General (DDG). In its set up, the Senior Management of EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE LTD include 5 departments, each one is run by the Head of Department.

I- Department in charge of Studies and other intellectual services. This department deals with all high level intellectual services within the institution’s skills and include 5 sections :

  • Section of Studies and Development
  • Section of Accounting, tax and financial studies
  • Section of communications and ICT
  • Section of training and capacity building.

II- Department in charge of Institutions and Organizations Management. The tasks assigned to this department bear upon activities related to the delegation of powers to the institutions and organizations management. It include 3 sections :

  • Section of Projects and Programmes Management
  • Section of Commercial Companies and Organizations Management
  • Section of Event Management.

III- Department in charge of engineering and project management. The follow-ups and monitoring missions of the infrastructural achievements and equipment installation fall under this department and include 3 sections :

  • Section of Studies and Monitoring – Control of Buildings’ Works
  • Section of Studies and Monitoring – Control of Agro-pastoral Management Works and Rural Development.

IV- Department in charge of Administration, Finances and Human Resources. Administrative and Financial matters as well as human resources management arise within the responsibilities of the department headed by the Deputy Director General of the EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE Company LTD. It includes :

  • Section of Accounting and Internal Financial Management ;
  • Section of Administration and Staff Management.

V- Department in charge of Prospecting, Partnerships and External Relations. The ideal team of EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE cannot be achieved without a strategic prospecting policy and a fine and efficient partnership consolidation. Where a department thereto. Led by the Director General of the team of EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE, the tasks assigned to this department include :

  • Design of a strategic approach and operational plans for the consortium ;
  • Search for partners and collaborators ;
  • And outdoor advertising on team’s vision and ideology

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