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To the Experts

The Experts d’Afrique INC. search for consultants and engineers to build up its database of consultants and engineers. Any expert – consultant or engineer working in one of the consortium’s areas of expertise and willing to work with them, can send their resume to or


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EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE is a consortium of consultants and consulting Engineers with a strong internal and external growth. It is made of multisectorial skills involved in the field of consultancy and project management.

The 7 skills’ areas of the team of Experts d’Afrique INC include :

Partnership Charter

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The beginning of the 21st century, turn of the millennium, constitutes both an opportunity and challenge in terms of development for Africa, given the delay that it has accumulated in economic, infrastructural and technological areas.
The opportunity takes place because it appeared today that Africa has elites and skilled human resources, which, together with the ancient primary wealth – raw material – allow to rush into three decades at an adequate level of development. The challenge, less comforting, comes from the fact that if Africa missed this century to catch up, it would now be difficult to do so given the “numeric” parameter.
Having understood the stakes, policies and development partners remained concerned to define the optimum schemes and to mobilize resources for an emerging continent. However, other leaders should define each, at individual or collective levels, their responsibility and the share of costs to bear in this development process.
It is this thinking that has confirmed the rising of the team of EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE, a consortium of consultants and Engineers, whose innovative philosophy of consultancy and project management is coupled with a company’s commitment to contribute to the development of Africa.
The consulting field and work knowledge of the team EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE goes beyond the mere provision of the paid intellectual services but has the feeling that its benefits in terms of advisory capacity, management, public works execution is its sharing in the joint efforts for the construction of an ideal Africa.

EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE pledged to take a part of their responsibility for the African development, small as it may be, and intends to achieve it through its proven expertise and know-how by supporting the actors of socioeconomic, sociopolitical and institutional areas everywhere it will be needed in Africa.

The partners will find in Experts d’Afrique a confident and available collaborator who is aware of the ethical conduct of consultancy and project management. Concerned about the good end of the contractual commitment, the EXPERTS D’AFRIQUE intend to use talent and engineering in the assigned missions.

Looking forward to having you as our future partners, we request you to accept, ladies and gentlemen, the expression of our high esteem.


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